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About Us.

Our Story.


We met each other while studying music at the University many years ago, we successfully graduated and we fell in love with each other. We have been playing together for more than seven years now.

Last year we listened to our voyager's hearts, and we could not stop, we wanted to fulfil our dream of continue making music, touring and creating together, so we took the risks and we both achieved a Global Talent Visa endorsed by the Arts Council England that allows us to stay and work in the UK! We packed our instruments and our few belongings and we started this new adventure from Colombia (Latin America) to the UK.

Having performed at prestigious venues such as the Opera Theatre in St Petersburg, the Ethnological Museum in Barcelona and for the US and Indonesian embassies, we have reinvented ourselves and tried different repertoires from pop, rock, and classical music. From Pachelbel to Frank Sinatra and The Beatles to Ed Sheeran, In this idea we found comfort and hope, we feel everything move and transform but the intention of delighting guests of all ages prevails.

We want to revive the complete experience of living the dream, the excitement, the love and recreate all the beautiful places we have been through, real and imagined, while you walk to the best day of your life.

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