MAV DUO is a harp and cello musical experience that, through the constant creation of songs, adaptations and arrangements transform music into an innovative proposal for the international environment. 


In November 2019, they made their second international tour representing their country Colombia in the "Festival of Arts and guitar- Art Llobet" in Barcelona-Spain and as guests of honor at the festival "Crystal key International competition for young harpists" in St. Petersburg - Russia. They also presented a full concert at the St. Petersburg Opera Theatre and they gave a master class in the Belgorod State University of Arts and Culture BSUAC in Belgorod-Russia.


Currently, they have performed various virtual concerts for private and public entities, such as the Colombian Foreign Ministry in Atlanta - United States, and the Colombian embassy in Jakarta - Indonesia.


Oscar Quesada

Harpist and multi-instrumentalist with more than 15 years of artistic career 


Alejandra Vargas Muñoz 

Cellist and researcher, recognized for her versatility and unique style.