Oscar Alirio Quesada

Harpist / Composer

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Colombian harpist and multi-instrumentalist. It has more than 15 years of artistic career. He began his studies of llanera harp under the direction of maestro Abdul Farfán in 2004.

At the same time, he studied classical harp under the direction of the teacher María Clara Alarcón. Graduated from Sergio Arboleda University as a Master in Music with an emphasis on llanera harp, his degree work was recognized with the highest qualification and meritorious degree.


He is a harpist, composer and musical director in MAV DUO. He has a special interpretative style of the harp, has accompanied and recorded on different occasions renowned singers and artists such as Marta Gómez, Walter Silva, the 2016 Latin Grammy winner group Palo Cruza'o, among others.


He has been recognized as a virtuous and dynamic instrumentalist, his performances and interesting interpretations have made him worthy of important recognitions and awards such as:


● International Retorno Festival- Winner as Best Harpist and Best Group in Acacías-Meta (2011, 2012 and 2015, in the Champion of Champions edition)

● International Joropo Tournament-First place as best harp solo in Villavicencio-Meta (2012)

● Festival de la Frontera in Arauca- First place as best ensemble representing Colombia

(2013 and 2014)

● Jazz Festival - Guest of honor with the group Tractatus, event sponsored by the Free Theatre


● Festival “Latin America in Concert” - Guest of honor (2014)

● Colombia al parque- First place as Best Group (2013)

● XXIV Hato Viejo Cotrafa - First place with the group, as the best instrumental group (2010).

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