Making New Life album

Support us in this new beginning and to fulfil our dream to create a new album and send our songs out into the world.

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New life CD design

Hello friends,

Oscar and Alejandra here ! For the past six years, We’ve been touring back and forth across two continents telling stories with our music. We’ve released two records, a lot of videos, and performed hundreds of shows, but most importantly getting fun of it and enjoyed every single step in the process. Now we want to create an album that will transport everyone out of isolation to connect with beautiful people and magical places!


Nowadays, it’s been two stranger years for everyone: the isolation, the anxiety, missing our loved ones who have gone or are separated by distance. The enforced isolation made us wonder if we could carry on as musicians, and like many of you, we felt so low. However, last year, more than 402K people liked our videos on TikTok. That made us realise that our music moves people without limits. On the other hand, we have just started a new life as immigrants in the UK, so we are hearing the call to make a different album that can tell a story. The story of what we have achieved thanks to the trust and support of all of you. We also want to encourage those who would like to join this exciting musical journey and help us create this new album, so please  do not forget to share this video with your family and friends ! 

Bringing our dream to life...

We met each other studying music at the University many years ago, we felt in love, and have been playing together for more than six years from now. Since we started this musical journey we have composed and arranged and created the must beautiful music together. We’ve been experimenting with the sound and the possibilities of our inusual mixture of Latin American harp and cello, but most important getting fun of it and enjoying every single step in the process. We have been dreaming with the idea of making a new album over the past few years, and received a lot of encouragement from so many beautiful people and now it's time. It's time to give back to everyone who believes in us, and all of you we haven't met yet, to give you this music and take you on a journey as we bring these songs to life. It's time to bring to life these songs set them free around the world to share their magic and their peace to you.

What is your target?

Before we started this crowdfunding campaign we consulted some musicians, and after a lot of careful thought we had to decide on a minimum budget for this album and a dream budget.

We decided we would need a minimum of £8,000 to make the amazing album in the way we wanted to.

Once we achieved the minimum goal we will be entering to the realm of our dream budget of £10,000. The dream budget will allow us to to promote the album and also to make a professional music video.


Here's a break down of how the money will be allocated:


*FIRST (MINIMUM) TARGET: £8000 =The minimum needed to get the album recorded and released. 


Studio and Engineer Fees: £2200 + Musician Payments: £1600 + Mixing/Mastering: £1150 + Artwork Design: £550 + Manufacturing: £1300 + Crowdfunding Project Admin: £400 (5%) + Postage Costs plus Indiegogo/Banking Fees: £800.


*SECOND (DREAM) TARGET: £10000 = Recording and release of the album + album promotion + professional video


(Studio and Engineer Fees: £2200 + Musician Payments: £1600 + Mixing/Mastering: £1150 + Artwork Design: £550 + Manufacturing: £1300 + Crowdfunding Project Admin: £500 (5%) + Postage Costs plus Indiegogo/Banking Fees: £1250) + Album promotion: £1000, + Professional video: £1600.

How are you going to produce it?

  • Rehearsal: First we have to perform all the songs together, listen to what they want to say and select the best order regarding story we want to tell. We also have to figure out the correct instrumentation for each song, keeping the balance between the background music and ourselves. For this we need to meet with the musicians and carefully practice songs together.

MAV DUO 6.jpeg
Mixer Keys
  • Recording​: We will rent a professional studio with a sound engineer for all the sessions we have to record, not only for harp and cello but also for the rest of the musician that will collaborate in the final creation. When we finish with the recording stage we will send the files to the mix and master engineer to have the final result.

  • Release: We will prepare a special online event for the release day with all of the backers and musicians in zoom. Also we will send all the physical CD's and sign the specially for everyone and send the material to streaming platforms and promote it.

Untitled 4.jpg

How can I support you?

By contributing to our campaign, you’ll help us cover the recording expenses (studio costs, engineers, mastering, musicians for the back ground music), the CD manufacturing expenses,(physical copies of the album), the promotion of the album (photography, publicity and design), and the professional video (transport, location fee, gear, professional videographer, and edition). In exchange, you will have access to unique LIMITED items called “PERKS”.  And of course our eternal gratitude!

1. BUY A PERK= “Perks” are rewards you can get according to the value you pay.*How to buy a perk? The perks are listed in the right corner of our Crowdfunding campaign web page in Indiegogo, you can simply click them to get more info about them and buy them.​

2. STRAIGHT DONATION= If you just want to donate with out having any “Perk” but of course earning our eternal gratitude and helping us to bring to life this album, you can simply click in “BACK IT” next to the video.


3. SHARE ONLINE= We understand that some people just cannot contribute financially. Your help getting the word out about this campaign to others will help us immensely! Please use the Indiegogo share tools to share with your friends and family and post about it on your social media and encourage others to check out the campaign.

  • This isn’t just about buying the record in advance or getting amazing Perks, it’s about being a part of the campaign to help make it happen. Right now we have 10 songs in various stages of completion and with your help we will record them and finish the album. When it is done, you can say that you made the album possible!

The Impact

  • Buying the music and other perks makes it possible for us to continue composing, recording, and creating content to make an impact on the world. As you probably know, start a  new life as a couple in other continent in a completely different language and system is not easy, your help will help us in continue this musical journey as inmigrants.

  • Buying music directly from those who make it makes being an independent musician possible.The impact of your support goes beyond the making of this album. Producing this album will have a knock-on effect, onto playing these songs live, touring with the duet, continuing to grow as a performing and recording artists, sharing love and connection, bringing people together, elevating the spirit and soothing the heart. I guess that's the 'outer' work, the long-lasting effects of this project.

  • We’ve successfully released 2 albums and we would like to continue making music for years to come. Becoming part of this campaign will make that possible. There's also something here about legacy and the impact of this project. We want to give our family a gift. We want to show them that if you've got a dream, no matter what it is, you can make it a reality. We want to show them us shining, inspired and living our passion. Maybe other mums and dads out there can recognise that desire. But even if you're not a parent, I'm sure you resonate with the sentiment. We really believe that if there's something you want to be or do or change in this world, you absolutely can do it.

  • We are so grateful to continue to have a career in music and your support would mean the world to us. The creative spirit that's in us and simply saying, "I'd love to see you both shine, hear your songs, set you free to create" By backing this project you're allowing us the freedom to step into being the music creator we were born to be. That's such a huge gift, and it really is impossible to put into words what that means to us.

It is an album that we designed to transport you from Colombia to England, we want to recreate the complete experience of living the dream, the excitement, anxiety, love and recreate all the beautiful places we have been through it, real and imagined, while you walk, drive to work, read at home, meet with friends … any time you conceive to listen to music.

As many of you reading this the pandemic moved our world!  All of a sudden, we were in Lockdown: No income, no performances and we were trapped in the middle of our Russia tour.  Fortunately we could return home after a while but just like you, we felt that we lost our connection to what mattered most: Our loved ones and the whole outside experience. The enforced isolation made us wonder if we could carry on as musicians, and like many of you we felt so low.  

But we listened to our voyager hearts, and we could not stop, we wanted to fulfil our dream of continue making music, touring and creating together, so  we took the risks and we achieved a visa that allow us to stay and work in the UK. We packed our instruments our few belongings and we started this new adventure a few months ago .

As we have always listened to the sounds of Latin Folk we are exited about the concept of reinvented our selves and trying new repertoires from pop, rock, and classical music. In this idea we found comfort and hope, we feel everything moves and transform but the essence prevales  and it gave us an idea:

We need to create an album that will transport us out of our isolation to connect with beautiful places and people form different places.

  • Where latin harp and cello soundscapes help you loving your self and your sounrounding

  • Where the melodies make your soul sing again

  • Where virtuoso notes re-ignite your passion for living and moving forward

  • An album inspired by traveling and dreaming, fulfilling dreams and working towards it. An album about love and excitement. 

  • An album about being truth full to our selves, and fight for what you want, and reconnecting you to everything  and everyone you love on this planet. Because when we were feeling locked down, this music helped escape us scape prison and transported us, uplifted us. 

We can’t wait for you to hear what we are making. We hope you'll join us and please share this campaign with your friends and encourage them to grab an advance copy and be a part of this new album. We are so grateful for your support. As an independent artists we cherish your patronage and we can't wait to share the songs with all of you.

Fingers crossed that the duet will see you on the road in this year!


Thank you you so much for your support and for believing in this project.