About Us

Experiment the virtuoso sound of harp and cello

For the past six years, we’ve been touring back and forth across two continents telling stories with our music and performing hundreds of shows, but most importantly getting fun of it and enjoying every single step in the process. We’ll transport you to magical places surrounded by beautiful music.

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Our Story

We met each other studying music at the University many years ago, we felt in love, and have been playing together for more than six years from now. Since we started this musical journey we have composed and arranged and created the most beautiful music together. 


We’ve been experimenting with the sound and the possibilities of our unusual mixture of Latin American harp and cello. This has allowed us to share our music at prestigious events such as the "Festival of Arts and guitar- Art Llobet" in Barcelona-Spain and as guests of honor at the festival "Crystal key International competition for young harpists" in St. Petersburg - Russia. Also performed a full concert at the St. Petersburg Opera Theatre and a master class at the Belgorod State University of Arts and Culture BSUAC in Belgorod-Russia. As well as performed various virtual concerts for private and public entities, such as the Colombian Foreign Ministry in Atlanta - United States, and the Colombian embassy in Jakarta - Indonesia, among others.


We want to revive the complete experience of living the dream, the excitement, the love and recreate all the beautiful places we have been through, real and imagined, while you walk to the best day of your life.

Meet The Team

Alejandra Vargas

Master's Degree in Musicology from the National University of Colombia, and graduated professional musician from the Sergio Arboleda University. As a classical and popular music performer, Alejandra has appeared in internationally renowned stages and events as the St. Peterburg’s Opera Theatre and Museu Etnològic in Barcelona. Furthermore, she has collaborated with brands such as Vogue and Samsung in product launch events.


Aside from her performances, she has also worked as a teacher in reputable institutions as the Bogotá Philharmonic Orchestra and she has been recognised for her academic research in the field of traditional music by organisations such as the International Council for Traditional Music.

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Oscar Quesada

Internationally awarded colombian harpist and multi-instrumentalist. With more than 15 years of artistic career. He began his studies of llanera harp under the direction of maestro Abdul Farfán in 2004.

At the same time, he studied classical harp under the direction of the teacher María Clara Alarcón. Graduated from Sergio Arboleda University as a Master in Music with an emphasis on llanera harp, his degree work was recognized with the highest qualification and meritorious degree.


He is a harpist, composer and musical director in MAV DUO. He has a special interpretative style of the harp, has accompanied and recorded on different occasions renowned singers and artists such as Marta Gómez, Walter Silva, the 2016 Latin Grammy winner group Palo Cruza'o, among others.